Knowledge is the key factor and derives from the best minds at work: goal oriented achievers, trusted professionals with business savvy and broad industry experience, exceptional scholars.

Since 1996 we have been the networked think-tank of LOGOSnet (LKN).

The core of our practice is to design, create and facilitate Strategic Insights, Trends and Scenario Analysis, Entrepreneurship, Visioning, Strategy Formulation and Execution, Leadership Development and Transition, Assessment & Development, Coaching & Mentoring, Change Management, Cross-Cultural Intelligence and Diversity Management, Visual Communication, Interactive Education and Learning, Augmented and Mixed Reality, Edutainment.

The founders and managing partners are Ms Barbara Bertagni and Mr Fernando Salvetti: they established the Logosnet’s Research & Experiences Center  in 1996 in Turin, Italy, as a major town of the Piedmont region where still today are headquartered relevant education and training institutions used to provide their services internationally. An immersive training center devoted to developing the LKN’s staff is based in Caluso, Canavese area, a village in-between Turin and Ivrea, nearby the Aosta’s Valley.

Why we are Logos? Because λόγoς is a word coming from the ancient Greek verb λέγειν (leghein) that means to choose, to tell, to enumerate. In pre-Socratic philosophy, the meaning of λόγoς is the principle governing the cosmos or the source of this principle, as well as the human reasoning about the cosmos. Among the Sophists, λόγoς refers to the topics of rational argument or the arguments themselves. At the end, λόγoς means knowledge. And knowledge is the key factor. Significant knowledge is the result of the link between abstraction and concrete behaviors, in order to make the intangible more tangible. Knowledge and action as one: facts, information, descriptions, skills, know-how and competence – acquired through experience, communication, education and training.

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