What boosts a person’s employability in today’s networked, liquid and “glocal” world? We are experiencing increasingly global interconnections, associated with some growing local and localized differentiations, as well as living a continuing transformation organized around information technologies - that is changing the way we produce, consume, behave, manage, communicate and think.

Work and its changes, with a focus on the latest 40 years in Italy.
Key-topics: undeclared flexibility, “occupability” versus job, migration, smart working, bad jobs, social citizenship and inclusion.

A book edited by Michele La Rosa, Enrico Pugliese, Umberto Pallareti, Fernando Salvetti with a number of research papers mainly from young sociologists of work.

The latest book on cultures, organizations and performance by Geert Hofstede, written in cooperation with Gert Jan Hofstede and Michael Minchov. Now in the Italian version, with a foreword by Fernando Salvetti - the Logosnet’s founder and managing partner.