Key Factor Magazine

Knowledge is the “key factor”. Knowledge and action as one: facts, information, descriptions, skills, know-how and competence - acquired through experience, education and training.
Significant knowledge is the result of the link between abstraction and concrete behaviors, in order to make the intangible more tangible.
Knowledge is a multifaceted asset: implicit, explicit, informal, systematic, practical, theoretical, theory-laden, partial, situated, scientific, based on experience and experiments, personal, shared, repeatable, adaptable, compliant with socio-professional and epistemic principles, observable, metaphorical, linguistically mediated.
Knowledge based production. Knowledge economy. Knowledge governance and management. Knowledge society. Knowledge building through networks. Knowledge visualization. Knowledge transfer. Cross-fertilization. Knowledge sharing. Experiential and immersive learning.
These are our ways of “world-making” and shaping the world. Knowledge is the key factor.

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